Do I Need My Wisdom Teeth Removed?

September 25, 2020 9:08 pm Published by Panoramic X-ray image showing 4 wisdom teeth that need to be removed

The human jaw used to be much larger than it is now. This is likely because the diets of our ancestors consisted of tough foods like meat and root vegetables. Despite our jaws becoming smaller over many millennia, many patients find that they still have anywhere from one to four third molars, called wisdom teeth.

If there is not enough room in the mouth for these late-blooming teeth, wisdom teeth can: grow incorrectly; become impacted; crowd neighboring teeth; and cause infection, damage, cysts, and misalignment issues.

Many patients have their wisdom teeth removed during their late teens or early twenties. This age range is usually ideal because the jaw is developed but the wisdom teeth may not have grown in or caused any complications yet.

Should My Wisdom Teeth Be Removed?

As a patient enters their teenage years and continues into their early twenties, their dentist will monitor the growth of their wisdom teeth with X-rays and clinical exams. Based on their professional training and experience, your dentist will help you determine whether your wisdom teeth should be removed. This is one reason our team recommends visiting your dentist every six months. Ideally, these visits begin around one year old and continue throughout your life.

If your teeth and jaw have been assessed and a wisdom teeth removal procedure has been recommended to you, it’s in your best interest to have them removed before they cause serious problems. Wisdom teeth can undo orthodontic progress and cause the teeth to shift after a patient has already worn braces. They can also cause gum inflammation, cavities, sinus issues, and damage to your neighboring teeth, facial nerves, and jaw.

Wisdom Teeth Removal at Wagner Dental

At Wagner Dental, we advise some patients to have their wisdom teeth removed before they cause any problems. We make this recommendation based on multiple factors; for example, the size of a patient’s jaw and the projected growth angle of their wisdom teeth.

If a patient is not experiencing any noticeable problems with their wisdom teeth (or any other teeth), they may be tempted to skip their biannual dental checkups. During this time, their wisdom teeth could become problematic.

Please contact us for a consultation if your third molars are growing in, especially if you are experiencing pain, jaw discomfort, or difficulty brushing and flossing.

Questions About Wisdom Teeth? We Have Answers!

Are you or your child approaching between 17 and 26 years of age, or have you recently started experiencing pain in the back corners of your mouth? Our team at Wagner Dental would be happy to help you determine if a wisdom tooth removal is the right treatment option.

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